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National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forests (INRGREF)

Laboratory of Management and Valorisation of Forest Resources

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Country: Tunisia | Region: Tunis

INRGREF is a Tunisian public research institution, created in 1996 (but resulting of two others research institutes including National Forest Institute which was created in 1957), contributing to the national policy for research in the field of forests, water and land management. INRGREF is also responsible for organization and implementation of research activities in those fields, and contributes to the education of MS and PhD students in the frame of the Institute programs. In the fields of forest and water sciences, these missions are carried through research projects covering several domains including forest ecology, forest genetics, forest physiology and biotechnology, forest yields, forest and rangeland management, forest economics and forest fires. About 70 permanent researchers and 120 PhD and master students are working at INRGREF.

INRGREF has participated in several EU and International collaboration research projects. AGORA "Advancing Mediterranean Forest Capacities" was one of the most interesting Mediterranean collaboration projects where INRGREF actively participated in different work packages (Genetics-physiology, management and forest policy and economics). The KOTUCOP "Korea-Tunisian Cooperation project : Analysis of the cork oak forest degradation causes and involvement of the local population for a sustainable development" ; these project contributed positively by enhancing the capacity building of INRGREF and giving opportunities to researchers on sharing experiences and establishing new relationships with International and Mediterranean research centers and universities. INRGREF was a partner of MENFRI project ( as a site manager and work package leader, and was a partner of ECOPLANTMED project (

Today our seed bank has more than 50 native species distributed in more than 200 lots of seeds preserved at a positive temperature (+4°C). The main objective is to strengthen populations of native species for major economic interest, with the aim of: (1) investigating the germination capacity of these seeds; (2) participate in the restoration of degraded habitats.


Abdelhamid Khaldi-Professor-researcher, and responsible for the Seed Bank in INRGREF,

Ali El Khorchani-Assistant researcher in INRGREF,

Issam Touhami-Assistant-researcher in INRGREF,

Rue Hédi EL Karray BP 10 Ariana 2080 TUNISIE
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