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Botanic Garden of the University of Valencia (JBUV)

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Country: Spain | Region: Comunitat Valenciana

The Botanic Garden of the University of Valencia, founded in 1567, initially a garden of medicinal plants linked to Medical studies, has been permanently relocated to “Huerto de Tramoyeres” (an orange orchard at the outer limits of ancient Valencia) since 1802, where a modern Botanic Garden with a surface of 50,000 m2 is still working for our society today.

This University garden is dedicated to plant conservation, research, education and dissemination of botanical knowledge and culture, together with management and exhibition of a scientific garden plant collection. Its mission is to contribute to the strengthening and improvement of the botanical sciences, the knowledge of plant diversity and citizen awareness, focusing on the necessity of its preservation within the framework of a sustainable use and management of our environment. Different research groups of the Botanic Garden deal with plant conservation biology, biodiversity and plant evolution, addressing diverse aspects on morphology, distribution, phytosociology, anatomy, reproductive biology, ecophysiology and molecular biology.

The Germplasm Bank preserves, on a long-term basis, seeds and pteridophyte spores of wild species. All its activities are oriented to accomplish the commitment of the European Plant Conservation Strategy (EPCS) in our region. Additionally to all the basic activities related to seed collection, sample treatment for long-term conservation and plant production for reintroduction purposes, the Germplasm Bank carries out research on optimal conditions for germination, dormancy processes and viability loss. Thus, one of its main goals is to contribute to improving scientific knowledge in order to optimise preservation and sustainable use of the phytogenetic resources. To fulfil this objective, our centre provides open access to germination and cultivation protocols developed in our laboratories and nurseries through our website.


Elena Estrelles-Perpiñá – Germplasm Bank curator,

C/Quart, 80 - 46008 Valencia – España
Tel.: +34 963 156 800 -Fax: +34 963 156 826