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Mansoura University, Faculty of Science (FSUM)

Botany Department

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Country: Egypt | City: Mansoura | Region: North East Nile Delta

Mansoura University was founded in 1973. The University includes 18 colleges with more than 6587 Faculty members, 110625 undergraduate students, 33790 postgraduate students, and 2016 foreigner students. The University has many specialized scientific centres e.g. the ITC Centre, Medical Centres and a Biotechnology Unit.

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to play an important role in achieving outcomes which are crucial in the promotion of Science and Technology.

Department of Botany was founded in the early 1960. In 1969, it was relocated as part of the newly founded Faculty of Science. The first graduates were graduated in 1973. Now, the department has 15 scientific programs. These programs are taught by 18 emeritus professors, 4 professors, 8 associate professors, and 20 assistant professors (lecturers). The teaching staff consists of: 6 assistant lecturer (M.S.), 12 demonstrators, and 19 laboratory technicians. The department has efficient teaching facilities (6 Labs) as well as research ones (7 Labs) in addition to a microbiological analysis unit, a herbarium for flowering plants, algae and a greenhouse. Research laboratories support the following research areas phycology, plant physiology, bacteriology, mycology, genetics and plant ecology. The department is undertaking the establishment of facility for molecular biology and genetic engineering. The department awards the following degrees: B.S. in Botany-chemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology; M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Microbiology, Taxonomy, and Cytology and genetics; Diplomas in Bacteriology, Applied Microbiology and Cytogenetics. The most recent research work in the field of plant Ecology in the Botany Department includes: a. conservation of Mediterranean coastal sand dunes, b. The collection and preservation of the genetic resources of the wild weed species growing the Nile Delta and threatened endemic flora.

The department is actively involved in serving the local community in Dakahlia Province in several ways. It carries out research projects dealing with local problems and participates in upgrading and training of the schoolteachers.


Ibrahim A. Mashaly - Prof. of Plant Ecology,

Mohamed Abdelaal - Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Plant Ecology,,

PO BOX 56 – Mansoura University, Mansoura - Egypt
Tel: +2 01153437963 – Fax: +2 050 224254

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