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Center of Conservation of Wild Flora of the Region of Murcia (CCFS)

Office of Socioeconomic Impulse of the Environment - General Directorate of Natural Environment - Regional Ministry for Turisme, Culture and Environment

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Country: Spain | Region: Murcia

The General Directorate of Natural Environment from the Regional Ministry for Turisme, Culture and Environment of the Region of Murcia is the department of the regional administration in charge of natural heritage protection and conservation in this region. The main strategic tool establishing action lines in this matter is the Regional strategy for the preservation and sustainable use of the biological diversity (ERDB), which was approved in 2003.

The Center of Conservation of Wild Flora of the Region of Murcia (CCFS), attached to the Office of Socioeconomic Impulse of the Environment, is in charge of wild flora ex situ conservation. The objectives of the Center are to carry out different actions (seed collection, conservation, ex situ propagation, production, etc.) on threatened or rare species of interest or endemicity, to facilitate and promote research on wild species of institutions and organisms, and disseminate the value and importance of these wild species

Among the endangered species, those that are currently associated with a recovery plan are: Cistus heterophyllus subsp. carthaginensis, Erica arborea, Juniperus turbinata, Narciso nevadensis, Scrophularia arguta (Decree 244/2014 of December 19, approving the plans for the recovery of the species) and Astragalus nitidiflorus (Decree Nº. 12/2017, of February 22, of approval of the Plan of recovery of the chickpea of ​​Tallante (Astragalus nitidiflorus). The Center is involved in improving the conservation status of these species, participating in this task the staff that is part of the program of conservation of protected wild flora.

The Center has facilities dedicated to seed processing, study, and conservation. Different experimental plots are also available for the recovery of wild species from the regional flora. In the facilities of El Valle, Murcia, native species are cultivated, some protected (Decree 50/2003), to cover the needs of the protected areas of the Region of Murcia

Thanks to its geographic enclave, the Region of Murcia has a huge floristic diversity with a wide representation of Ibero-African optimum elements providing richness and singularity to the whole regional flora. This contributes, together with climatic and geological characteristics of its territory, to create a remarkable floristic singularity within European continent. This means also that several of this species are highly threatened. In this sense, the ex situ conservation strategy developed by the Center of conservation of wild flora of the Region of Murcia  is conceived as a complementary tool and also as an alternative to In situ conservation strategy carried out by regional administration. In addition, the Center acts also as reference centre for putting into practice the wild flora conservation techniques so-called “integrated techniques”, consisting on the restoration or restitution of threatened flora populations.






Rafael Díaz García
C/ Catedrático Eugenio Úbeda, nº 3, 30071, Murcia -España
T: +34 968 22 88 82

Francisco Javier Sánchez Saorín
Ctra. de El Valle s/n - 30150 La Alberca – Murcia – España
T: +34 629-811870 // +34 968-847510 Ext. 129