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The first European Community Exchange on Seed Diversity and Sovereignty in Barcelona, Spain

31 January 2018

From 23 to 27 September 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) organised the 1st European Community Exchange (ECE) on Seed Diversity and Sovereignty (

The ECE on Seeds featured peer-to-peer interaction and ‘think-tank’ style concertation in stimulating indoor and outdoor venues in Barcelona, combined with pre- and post-event interaction through an online platform. In addition, the ECE included a 2-day joint activity with the EU-funded DIVERSIFOOD consortium that focused on community seed banks and related collaborative actions.

The institutional host of the event was the Botanical Institute of Barcelona of the University of Barcelona, GENMEDA member, and field visit hosts were the Botanical Garden of Barcelona, the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat, and the Fundació Miquel Agustí. 

In this event, the President of the GENMEDA network, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Director of Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus, University of Cagliari presented the project CARE-MEDIFLORA “Conservation Actions for Threatened Mediterranean Island Flora: ex situ and in situ joint actions”  as responsible of Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus (HBK) CARE-MEDIFLORA partner. 

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