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GENMEDA General Assembly meeting 2023

09 November 2023

The General Assembly annual meeting of GENMEDA took place at the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia on 23 October 2023. The meeting took place in conjunction with the 4th Mediterranean Plant Conservation Week (4MPCW), 23 - 27 October 2023, which was organised by the GENMEDA members in Valencia, CIEF and JBUV. Most GENMEDA members were participating and contributed to the 4MPCW which included an oral communication about the GENMEDA network and its activities.

There were 4 new applications for institutions from Portugal (new country for GENMEDA) and Spain to become Associate members of GENMEDA and they were all accepted unanimously by the General Assembly, thus expanding the network distribution to the west. In addition, the 2 previous Associate members were accepted as numerary members.

The activities and next steps of the 4 GENMEDA Working Groups were discussed as well as member activities, projects, and new prospects for collaborations.

The next General Assembly meeting is anticipated to be organised by the GENMEDA member in Murcia, DGMN-CCFS, in the autumn of 2024, when it will also be the celebration of 20 years since the establishment of the Murcia Seed Bank.

New Associate members

  • Biopolis Association, Portugal
  • Forest Research Center, School of Agriculture (ISA), University of Lisbon (ULisboa), Portugal
  • Marimurtra Botanical Garden, Spain
  • Botanical Garden of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

New numerary members

  • International Association of Mediterranean Forests (AIFM), France
  • Sicilian Plant Germplasm Repository of the University of Palermo (SPGR/PA), Italy



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